Thought you might like this video by garbageguru1.

worms on mens underwear

“Just wanted to post an update of an old pair of briefs I am feeding to the worms. You don’t really think about it, but cotton is a good worm food. Why throw cotton clothes in the garbage, when you can save them from the land fill? Give it a try! It is a safe worm food…”

An exhibition of traditional Mexican dancing, which also happens to show off some traditional Mexican clothing.

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Morgan models some of her plus size clothing.

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The 60’s in London — Mary Quant, mini skirts, PVC coats.

Victoriana Magazine

More designer clothing from the 1920’s, featuring clothing from Doucet, Worth, Lanvin, Callot Soeurs, Poiret, and Paquin.

1960s fashion show — hats by Christian Dior.

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