By: Chad Melius

BE Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants were introduced in the early 90’s and they’re still popular today. They are made of durable fabrics that are designed to last for several years. Their thick layering makes these pants ideal for harsh weather conditions during winter. And they are ideal to wear on heavy duty jobs, like construction, or other types of manual labor.

Distinctive features of cargo pants are: loose fit design, wide leg openings, vents to allow hot air to escape during warm weather, straight-leg design – and especially – the large number of pockets. Read more …

By: Chad Melius

Floral Burst Tank Dress

Spring shows from the main fashion houses around the world have already presented what they have ready for us this spring. Remember that any kind of fashion can work for plus size women – in fact most of the fashion apparel sold around the world consists of plus size clothing – not from standard sizes.

You can get excited about the new line of clothing for this upcoming spring – there are many options, colors and styles to choose from. Read more …

An exhibition of traditional Mexican dancing, which also happens to show off some traditional Mexican clothing.

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By: Chad Melius

Mariachi Street Band Wearing Charro Suits

Clothing worn by people in Mexico today differs little from that worn by people in the United States. However, due to the often oppressive heat, lighter clothing, both in color and in style, is typically chosen.

Traditional Mexican clothing in still worn in holiday celebrations, and you will also see it in areas frequented by tourists. It is a blend of both American Indian and Spanish styles, as are the people themselves. The most easily-recognized symbol is the sombrero, worn almost exclusively by men. Read more …

Victoriana Magazine

More designer clothing from the 1920’s, featuring clothing from Doucet, Worth, Lanvin, Callot Soeurs, Poiret, and Paquin.

1960s fashion show — hats by Christian Dior.

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