By: Chad Melius

Ladies Ranger Bulletproof Jacket

World history is a painted picture of past wars. The inventiveness of man throughout many years of war and lost lives has given rise to the creation of modern protective clothing. Normal-looking bulletproof clothing is one of the most popular types of body armor used today. This type of clothing is very practical when it comes to personal protection. Not only does a good bulletproof product protect against projectiles, but also against blunt force trauma and, depending on the type, against knives as well.

In the Middle Ages, an Italian named Negroli was popular for his skills at molding and forming all types of steel. He joined forces with the Duke of Ubino, and together they produced the very first “bulletproof clothing”. However the clothes they created were very heavy and bulky. This restricted movement and became a disadvantage instead of an advantage. Over several centuies, bulletproof clothing has evolved into a very manageable and effective piece of clothing. Everyone from civilians to soldiers are wearing bulletproof clothing on a daily basis. It makes them feel more comfortable and at ease while in precarious situations.

Today there are many different styles of bulletproof jackets to pick from. Although custom-made, they are available for your specific application. Police bulletproof jackets are the most common, but military and civilian bulletproof clothing is becoming more and more popular every year. Most sales of bulletproof jackets in the USA are to the US government and police stations. With the rise in women police officers, manufacturers had to create a “curvy” bulletproof jacket for women. They have done so, and they perform at the same high levels as other bulletproof jackets.

K-9 Stab/Bulletproof Jacket

Military bulletproof jackets are designed specifically for combat. Concealable bulletproof jackets are like those worn by characters in action films. They can be worn under civilian clothing, and serve as valuable protection for those working on a surveillance team, or for those on an undercover operation. Executive vests are worn for security reasons by VIPs, such as politicians and company CEOs. Also, since police forces are using K-9 units, K-9 bulletproof vests have become available for the four-legged law officers.

Many of the people that wear bulletproof clothing typically work for the USA government or law enforcement departments. These are people who put their life on the line on a daily basis. The effectiveness of these bulletproof clothing types has been proven. To ensure safety, the government controls the quality assurance programs of the manufacturers. Many other non-governmental organizations have also been established to monitor bulletproof jacket production and ensure the product going to customers is as good as the prototype.

At a minimum cost, investing on bulletproof clothing and electing to wear it is a way of ensuring life – particularly in areas where crime rates are high. Wearing plain clothes is an invitation to serious injury from explosions, bullets, and knives. People who deal with crime and violence are advised to invest in protective body armor. A bulletproof vest provides a safeguard for both your body and your life.


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