Now that fall is here, we feature two peeks at in-season fashion news. There are also snippets on top fashion in 2014, breast cancer awareness month, and men’s Spring ready to wear.

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Top Fashion

Like any trillion-dollar industry, fashion is affected drastically by technology. The way clothes are made, distributed, and experienced is a constantly evolving proposition. The two are so closely enmeshed that it can be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins …

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Kate Moss

Well, guys, this is definitely one way to grab people’s attention. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which happens every October), celeb besties Kate Moss and Stella McCartney have joined together to raise awareness about this widespread disease. A new campaign to bring attention to women’s health shows Moss flashing a breast cancer ribbon while wearing a pink McCartney lingerie set — one the designer specifically created for the month.

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Cotemer Fashion News

Patchwork detailing and a mishmash of unexpected fabrics featured prominently in Norito Sato and Seishi Naito’s strong collection for Cote Mer. Sato said that without a firm concept in mind, he and Naito began piecing together different fabrics that they found in their factory. While that creative process might sound haphazard, it resulted in one of the more focused and directional men’s shows so far this week …

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The centerpiece of almost any ensemble tends to be outermost layer. It’s what people see most easily, and what covers up everything else underneath. Which means, if you splurge on outerwear and knitwear, you can often get away with spending little on everything else …

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Every year we buy these flimsy costumes made in another country and they never see the light of day again. It is almost scary to think about how much money is wasted on Halloween. Across the nation, Americans spend billions each year. Spooky, huh? So why should you buy a new costume year after year, when you probably have all the materials you need to create a unique, inventive or clever Halloween costume on your own? …

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