By: Chad Melius

Victorian Woman by Lemmmma is in the public domain.

Our slogan says it all. We try to limit our posts so as to give you just essential information about clothing.

The topic of clothing is so broad that it would be impossible for any one website to cover everything. So we often take our cue from what you, as a visitor, want to know. And we discover this by looking at our statistics on what you are searching for.

To help you keep up with the latest news about clothing, we are now publishing a monthly digest of articles on the web that pertain to clothing. So if you come across a topic that you would like to know more about, just ask us. Submit a comment on one of our posts, or send us a private message from our Contact Page.

Update: We have just conducted a thorough cleansing of Clothing17, by removing articles and videos that have not been interesting to you, our readers. Check out what’s left – there are some pretty interesting old videos on vintage clothing, for instance.

Thought you might like this video by garbageguru1.

worms on mens underwear

“Just wanted to post an update of an old pair of briefs I am feeding to the worms. You don’t really think about it, but cotton is a good worm food. Why throw cotton clothes in the garbage, when you can save them from the land fill? Give it a try! It is a safe worm food…”

Now that fall is here, we feature two peeks at in-season fashion news. There are also snippets on top fashion in 2014, breast cancer awareness month, and men’s Spring ready to wear. Read more …

In the world of fashion, the month of September has lots of shows in both New York and London. So we are bringing you the latest styles in women’s dresses from around the world.

Take a look, and give us your opinion on some of these outre styles. Read more …

Have a look at these news items from some of the top fashion sites. They range from articles about celebreties to reviews of hot fashion trends.

Check them out, and please let us know what you think. Read more …

Here is our first clothing news update. We have posted tidbits from some relatively unknown sites, as well as from leading fashion sites.

Have you ever noticed that most fashion models don’t smile? Why not? Aren’t they happy doing what they do best?

Take a look, and please let us know what you think in the comments.

Read more …

By: Chad Melius

BE Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants were introduced in the early 90’s and they’re still popular today. They are made of durable fabrics that are designed to last for several years. Their thick layering makes these pants ideal for harsh weather conditions during winter. And they are ideal to wear on heavy duty jobs, like construction, or other types of manual labor.

Distinctive features of cargo pants are: loose fit design, wide leg openings, vents to allow hot air to escape during warm weather, straight-leg design – and especially – the large number of pockets. Read more …

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